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Not sure what’s going on? We’ve all been there! Check out our FAQs to get in the know or hit us up with any questions. We’re happy to help!
  • So… where can I find Health Nut Dressings?

    Check out the refrigerated produce section at your local grocery store. To find Health Nut products near you, feel free to use our store locator; all you have to do is type in your zip code and boom! You’re one step away from being all shook up. Are Health Nut products not on your grocery’s shelves? Make a special request at the store and contact our consumer service team so we can let our sales team know. We want to hear from you, so do not hesitate to reach out~

  • What’s the difference between Health Nut Dressings and what they use in the California restaurants?

    The dressings available at the restaurant are the same as what you can purchase at your local retailer!

  • How many restaurants does Health Nut have?

    There are currently five restaurants located in Southern California. More locations are coming soon, so be on the lookout!

  • How can I find a Health Nut restaurant near me?

    Check out healthnutla.com/locations/ to view Health Nut’s restaurant locations.

  • So, do the Health Nut Dressings really need to be refrigerated?

    Yes, Health Nut Dressings need to stay refrigerated.

  • Is it okay to put Health Nut Dressings in the freezer?

    Don’t get too excited about freezing our dressings. Sticking these products in the freezer will lead the product to separate and not mix together in the same way as when initially purchased. The product may be safe to consume, but the flavor will not be to the quality we would like you to experience. We do not recommend freezing our dressings.

  • Does the date on the package mean anything?

    If you see a date on our packaging, it is our best by date. When stored properly, our products will be of quality and safe to eat through the date on the package. Eating products past the best by date is a big yikes and is not advised.

  • Should I be worried about allergens in Health Nut dressings?

    There is an allergen control program in place to prevent cross contact from allergenic material within the production facility. This program manages controls at all steps in the process including receiving, storage, handling, prepping, mixing, packaging and sanitation. The Sanitation program is annually validated at multiple sites on each line to verify that all allergens present in the facility are removed during cleaning processes, preventing the possibility of cross contact with non-allergen containing items. The Allergen control program is audited annually by our certification body and complies with all applicable government regulations.

  • *shake shake shake* Is this the same salad and salad dressing I see all over social media? *shake shake shake*

    Yes! Many celebrities visit Health Nut restaurants in Southern California, and we are so excited to bring these delish dressings to retailers and salad shakers nationwide.

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